Fluid quick disconnectors are critical in liquid cooling applications. Thermal engineers demand drip-free solutions to keep the systems they design consistently cool. CPC’s liquid cooling of electronic quick disconnects (QDs) eliminate drips and withstand long-term use for safer, more reliable liquid cooling.

With flexible designs that minimize flow restriction, dry disconnect capabilities that reduce spillage to near zero, resilient leak-free seals, easy disconnections and a variety of available materials, CPC is trusted by manufacturers for couplings in high powered supercomputers, data centers and even medical equipment.

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Bimba is a forward-thinking innovator providing industry-leading pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and vacuum motion solutions that are easy to use, reliable and ready for all engineering solutions. Bimba markets an extensive line of industry-leading products including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators; valves; fittings; vacuum products; air preparation and a variety of safety and production solutions. In addition to its broad line of standard catalog products, the company’s business develops many custom and semi-custom products designed for specific customers and applications. These products, used in machinery and automation, are sold to original equipment manufacturers and end-users throughout the world in an expanding variety of industries.

• Stainless steel cylinder: 304 stainless steel mirror polished, double hydraulic construction

• Non-rotating stainless steel cylinder: Bimba's unique square piston rod is superior to other brands of traditional hexagonal piston rods, ensuring that cylinder rotation angles of various cylinders are less than 2.5 degrees

• PC cylinder: stainless steel cylinder, stainless steel piston rod, acetal resin end cover and other applications that can effectively resist moisture, lubricants and special solvents.

• FLAT-1 cylinder: suitable for narrow spaces, 304 stainless steel cylinders, 303 stainless steel piston rods

• Punching cylinder: designed for extremely large punching work, optional accessory hole cutter, small jet hole can shoot waste on the knife edge to prevent waste accumulation

• PT rotary cylinder: 迥 turn angle can be up to 1080 degrees, especially suitable for packaging applications of cardboard boxes

• Linear propulsion cylinder: 304 stainless steel cylinder ensures reliable long life and provides smooth guiding action

• Double-cylinder cylinder: The double-cylinder cylinder is small in size, providing twice the force of a conventional cylinder, smooth and non-rotating, high-precision linear motion

• Rodless cylinder: magnetically clamped design for high load motion, ideal for different applications

BIMBA cylinder classification:

1. Bimba cylinder applied to packaging machine

There are many equipment enterprises in R & D and production of packaging machinery. Some of the advanced packaging equipment mainly imitate the foreign countries, so the Bimba cylinder can be used in a large amount. The main models are 020.5-DXP, BF-040.5-R, EF-3245-B, and so on. The assembly process and debugging are important from the overall equipment performance, but the quality of the component itself is a key factor. The Bimba cylinder is reliable in quality and long in service life, but has the disadvantage that the order period is long and the price is relatively expensive, so that many customers are prohibitive, and as a distribution agent, we will keep the stock of these Bimba cylinder models commonly used on the market for solving the problem of customer delivery and inventory. And the demand of the domestic market is greatly satisfied.

2.Bimba cylinder for printing machinery

The printing market is very large, and the printing machine is very large. The Bimbaundefineds large-scale cylinder is also widely used in the printing and printing machine, and the common type is in the range of 010.5-NR, C25-576-A-140C20-434-A and so on.

3. Application of Rail Transit Industry

The most widely used industry in Bimba cylinder country should be road traffic. In the past 10 years, with the development of transportation, the requirements for time, speed and comfort of people travel are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the original fire car slowly faded out, replaced by fast speed, high comfort, and, at the same time, the higher the price and the higher the speed of the car and the higher the speed of the train, the higher the demand for time, the speed and the comfort of the original fire car, and the higher the speed and comfort of the original fire car, which was replaced by the fast speed, the higher comfort, and the higher the price of the car. Bimba is only one of the few spare parts. BFT-092-DB,BFTM-092-DB and d / 111982-A / 2 should be mainly used in high iron, the car is installed on the toilet, and the air cylinder is mainly installed on the hand washing butterfly system. Through many years of experience, all types of symbols have been stored in order to meet the needs of customers and the market.

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