Fluid quick disconnectors are critical in liquid cooling applications. Thermal engineers demand drip-free solutions to keep the systems they design consistently cool. CPC’s liquid cooling of electronic quick disconnects (QDs) eliminate drips and withstand long-term use for safer, more reliable liquid cooling.

With flexible designs that minimize flow restriction, dry disconnect capabilities that reduce spillage to near zero, resilient leak-free seals, easy disconnections and a variety of available materials, CPC is trusted by manufacturers for couplings in high powered supercomputers, data centers and even medical equipment.

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Specializing in the design and manufacture of micro pneumatic components, is a famous pneumatic component in the industry. The main products of Clippard include pneumatic solenoid valve, cylinder, electromagnetic actuator, micro cylinder, micro joint fitting, hose, micro module solenoid valve, electronic gas circuit interface card, hand control valve fitting, micro electromagnet, stainless steel cylinder, acrylic gas circuit board, etc., as well as more than 3400 varieties of accessories. Widely used in garment textile, medical electronics, microelectronics, computer, printing, food machinery, animation, robots, warehousing and transportation and other automation industries. With a production history of more than 50 years, CLIPPARDundefineds micro pneumatic components are of superior quality, stable and reliable, and the price is moderate, which can be regarded as a model of micro pneumatic components in the world.

Stainless Steel Cylinders

• Over 130 Different Models
• 15 Bore Sizes
• Superior Design & Long Life
• Line of Delrin® Head Corrosion-Resistant Cylinders

Electronic Valves

Selecting the right valve is crucial—a valve with greater capacity than required wastes valuable space and leads to increased cost due to excessive speed, impact, wear and air consumption. Every air system is unique. With an extensive selection of pneumatic valves, you can count on Clippard to have the valve you need to meet the specific needs of your application.

Toggle Valves

Production and custom-made experience, 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 5-way valves are available in a variety of sizes and mounting sizes for customers to choose from. At the same time, it is also divided into brass and nickel-plated silver. Air, water and oil can be supplied through the valve body.

Pilot Valves

Large flow EC, EV and ET pilot 3-way valve
Use the Clippard solenoid valve EC, EV and ET series as pilot valves to increase the solenoid valve flow to 600 l / min @ 7 bar.
EC, EV and ET solenoid valves have low power, long life and low operating temperature rise. The 0.2020-MG and 2021-MG designs are almost identical.
The difference is that the 2020-MG with EC, EV and ET as pilot valves has an external M5 pilot vent, so that the main valve in the solenoid valve can pass other special gases.

10 mm & 15 mm Miniature Electronic Valves

All of the benefits of Clippard quality and reliability are available in these 10 mm and 15 mm valves. Offered in both Normally-Open or Normally-Closed models, these 2-way and 3-way valves are perfect for small areas where compact electronically-controlled pneumatics are needed.

This series has a high strength, engineered light-weight glass filled nylon body, along with stainless steel, FKM and Nitrile, making it suitable for a broad range of applications. With exceptional life and reliability, this is the perfect sub-miniature valve for tomorrow's needs in a wide variety of industries.

Air Preparation Equipment

Filters. Filters capture solid particulate and remove water by “spinning” the air centrifugally. Water and larger particles are thrown against the side of the bowl where they condense and/or fall to the lower part of the bowl. Smaller particles are captured as the air flows through the filter element.

Regulators. Controlling pressure is an important requirement in all systems. Maximatic Regulators are adjustable from 7 to 125 psig. For applications requiring better resolution, 7 to 30 or 7 to 60 psig models with spring are available. The #10-32 size is a piston-style due to its small size, while the 1/8” to 1” are a diaphragm design.

Lubricators. Pneumatic actuators and valves perform better and last longer when properly lubricated. The bowl serves as a reservoir for the oil and supplies oil through the pick-up tube when pressurized. The amount of oil dispersed is controlled by an adjustable needle valve.

Air pilot valves

Air Pilot Valves are spool type valves with single or double air pilots. They have a 1/8" NPT external pilot port and feature pressure ranges from 0 to 124 psig. Maximatic® Air Pilot Valves are available in 3-way or 4-way configurations, in port sizes from #10-32 thread to 1/2" NPT.

Clippard precision fittings will save you time, space, and money when designing versatile, productive, trouble free, pneumatic circuits. Our endless variety of fittings insure that you find just the right “fit” when plumbing pneumatic circuits or assemblies. These fittings are small in size but large in performance, allowing for streamlining of pneumatic assemblies and eliminating the need for larger, more expensive, cumbersome fittings.  
Clippard was the first to develop ports utilizing the #10-32 thread. This thread has become an industry standard in the marketplace. 


Shuttle Valves

These valves feature a shuttle that allows flow from one inlet to the outlet while blocking the other inlet.  They may be mounted directly to valves and cylinders or in-line using the hose barbs on the MSV models.

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