Fluid quick disconnectors are critical in liquid cooling applications. Thermal engineers demand drip-free solutions to keep the systems they design consistently cool. CPC’s liquid cooling of electronic quick disconnects (QDs) eliminate drips and withstand long-term use for safer, more reliable liquid cooling.

With flexible designs that minimize flow restriction, dry disconnect capabilities that reduce spillage to near zero, resilient leak-free seals, easy disconnections and a variety of available materials, CPC is trusted by manufacturers for couplings in high powered supercomputers, data centers and even medical equipment.

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Liquid Cooling :

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Colder Products Company connection solutions improve the overall functionality and design of the equipment and processes in which they are used. Special product features include precise hose barbs for superior grip, built-in shutoff valves to prevent product spills and an easy-to-use, push-button thumb latch for quick connecting and disconnecting.
The foundation of CPC's success is its expertise in R&D and application engineering development. Many of CPC's standard fittings and fittings were initially custom engineered and later became more widely used in many markets. To date, CPC has produced more than 7,000 standard and custom products to meet the fluid handling challenges of various industries around the world.CPC's patented engineering solutions enhance the overall functionality and design of the equipment and its application processes. Special features of the product include built-in shut-off valves that prevent product leakage and ease of use, as well as push button switches that can be quickly connected and disconnected. In addition, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) integrated with IdentiQuikSmartCouplingsTM automatically exchanges product data on time and at the right time and at the connection location. For users of Colder Advanced Joint Technology, the result is cleaner, faster, safer, and smarter liquid management.
Specific applications for Colder Products Company fittings include:

Specialty Industrial :

Colder's couplings anf fittings are installed in thousands of product applications.Our broad offering appeals to product manufacturers in a wide rang of industrial and consumer

Life Sciences :

Colder's products are used across a broad range of medical devices and equipment,inculding surgical,dialysis,blood pressure monitoring,patient therapy devices

Chemical Handling :

Colder's extensive options for chemically resistant quick disconnect couplings andchemical dispensing systems provide non-spill operation and improve the safety of chemical

The difference between CPC quick connector and common connector:

common connector

CPC quick connector

Connector material

Made of brass chrome or brass nickel plated with plastic, it is small in size and heavy in weight.

Shaped in a variety of plastics using thermoplastic injection molding technology, lightweight and low cost

Process of separating joints

Both hands must be used together for splitting, and some joints must use tools to complete the process.

With one hand pressing the release button, the quick connector nozzle can be easily removed from the female seat

Processable fluid

Generally non-corrosive fluid

In addition to the generally non-corrosive fluids, Teflon-based joints can handle highly corrosive or high purity fluids.

Leakage problem

 very common

At the connection, a sealing ring is arranged between the female seat and the insertion nozzle, and the design has high airtightness and no problem of fluid leakage.

When splitting
Fluid spillage problem

Before the separation, the pressure in the pipeline must be regulated to atmospheric pressure, and then the fluid in the pipeline is completely removed before the separation can be carried out. After that, there is still a problem of residual fluid overflow.

Both the female seat and the insert can have a built-in shut-off valve. When the joint is disassembled, the shut-off valve starts automatically to prevent fluid overflow and maintain the pressure in the pipeline system.

After connection
Pipeline activity

After the connection, the pipe is firmly positioned by the joint, even if it is bent and squeezed, it is easy to lead to the pipe to separate itself.

The connection allows three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation, while maintaining air tightness, the pipe is easy and smooth, and the connection is safe and secure.

When a lateral load occurs

If the direction of the pipe and joint connection is not parallel, the lateral load will occur at the connection point, and the fluid will leak out there.

The sealing ring between the female seat and the insertion nozzle can maintain the airtightness of the joint under the lateral load and prevent fluid leakage.


Usually designed for one-time use, multiple splits and connections will wear the joint end or pipe, and then there will be fluid leakage problems.

Designed for multiple splits and re-connections, the inner seals and lubricants of the joints maintain the air tightness of the piping system after multiple uses.

Connected to
different materials

Use different connectors to match different connection modes

The connector is available with a variety of connection ends for different pipe materials

Why use the quick connector of CPC?

CPC quick couplings feature a patented release button that allows the user to seamlessly and completely retract the entire pipe in one hand. When disassembling the connector, simply press the button to open the mechanical button of the connector, and the female seat and the insertion nozzle can be easily separated. When reconnecting, simply push the nozzle into the female seat, the mechanical buckle will automatically close, and a "card" will be sounded to confirm the completion of the connection.

In the correct use case, the CPC quick coupling can pass the engineering air tightness test. The product's detailed design and rigorous production standards ensure that the CPC's quick couplings are free of penetrating drip during the handling of fluid handling.

In addition, the female socket and the insertion nozzle of the CPC quick connector can be divided into two types: straight-through type and built-in stop valve. When the female seat and the insertion nozzle of the built-in shut-off valve are connected, the valve is opened and the fluid can smoothly pass through the joint. When the female seat and the insertion nozzle are separated, the built-in shut-off valve is automatically closed, and the fluid in the pipeline stops flowing, so that the quick joint can effectively prevent the fluid in the pipeline from being pressurized and a large amount of overflow, simplifying the working procedure and ensuring the environment is clean.

Features and benefits of CPC joints:


Product benefit

Small size and light weight

Can be installed in a small space, easy to use, and can reduce the weight of the piping system

Reduced pressure and a variety of different sizes of diameter "Please refer to the notes on the path"

Meet the requirements of different flows "Maximum Cv value is 9.4"

The release button of some products has a protective edge design

Make it more comfortable to use, and the connection is more stable, no need to worry about the accidental separation of the quick connector

Made from a variety of different thermoplastic or metal materials, including polyacetal acetal, polypropylene polypropylene, polysulfone polysulfone, ABS, polycarbonate polycarbonate, brass chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF, Teflon® 

Compatible with different working temperatures, pressures and chemical compatibility of the fluid being treated "Working temperature -40 ° C to 204 ° C, maximum working pressure 17.23 bar, vacuum up to 635 mm Hg

A variety of standard docking devices are available at the end of the connector, including American threaded NPT, inch diagonal threaded BSPT, inch straight threaded BSPP, pagoda type hose barb, card mode compression with ferrule, quick-twist ferruleless, push-in push-to- Connect and semiconductor industry flare type

Pipes can be connected without the need for an external connection head, saving material, cost and installation time. In addition, reducing a connection, ie reducing the chance of a leak

Can be connected to pipes of different materials and sizes, including PVC pipe, PE pipe, PU pipe, PP pipe, nylon pipe, silicone hose, fluoropolymer pipe, brass pipe, pipe pipe inner diameter 1/16" to 1"

Wide range of applications

A variety of sealing rings are available

Can meet the chemical compatibility requirements of different fluids

Available in a variety of mounting modes, including tube-to-tube, right-angle, panel, external and internal threads

Can meet the various design needs of different users

Note: The diameter of the internal passage of the quick coupling is independent of the diameter of the pipe connected to the end of the quick coupling.

The pressure drop or flow through the quick coupling depends on the size of the passage and the design of the passage, not the diameter of the pipe to which the connection is made.

How to choose the right CPC quick connector?

CPC designs and manufactures a wide range of quick couplings with different characteristics and benefits. There are eight factors to consider when choosing the right quick coupler:

Operating temperature:

Confirm the maximum and minimum temperatures of the surrounding environment of the quick connector and the treatment fluid, and the appropriate joint material

greatest pressure:

Confirm the maximum pressure of the treatment fluid and select the appropriate joint construction

Treatment fluid:

Confirm the chemical composition of the treatment fluid, select the joint with high chemical compatibility and the material of the seal ring; in addition, the solid composition and viscosity of the fluid should also be noted.

Traffic requirements:

Confirm minimum flow requirements or acceptable pressure drop with appropriate joint construction

Installation mode:

Choose from the following installation modes, including tube-to-tube, right-angle, panel, male or female threads

Cut-off valve:

Decide whether you need to use the built-in shut-off valve at the same time as the female seat and the insert, or one end

Connection end:

Select the size of the pipe and the following connection modes, including US thread, inch diagonal thread, inch straight thread, pagoda type, card mode, quick-twist type, quick-insertion type, etc.

Installation and maintenance:

Choosing the right joint makes it easier and faster to install, replace and repair the piping system

Some examples of CPC quick connector applications:

Box in the bag
CPC offers a wide range of solutions for the clean and safe distribution of fluids from bag-in-box (BIB) and flexible packaging.

Biological process
CPC Easy-to-Use Disposable Connector Maintains fluid channel sterility and media integrity

Brewing and brewing
CPC easy-to-use fluid solution with automatic shut-off valve shuts off water flow and prevents leakage and spillage

Cold therapy and pressure therapy
Medical device manufacturers around the world choose CPC connectors to improve patient safety and prevent misconnections

Diesel Discharge Treatment Fluid (DEF) / ADBLUE
Packers and distributors of diesel emissions treatment solutions rely on CPC's DrumQuik®Pro system to ship and dispense their products

Drinking water system
Portable drinking water system with CPC connector for clean, safe drinking water without interruption, no need to worry about leaks or spills

Clean and hygienic
CPC closed dispensing system can help reduce the risk of spilling chemicals and slipping accidents

Electronic water cooling system
CPC highly reliable, leak-free quick connector protects expensive electronic equipment

CPC's single-use connection technology with intuitive design, rugged, reliable and easy to use

Patient monitoring
It is fast and simple, and is recognized by medical staff around the world.