Fluid quick disconnectors are critical in liquid cooling applications. Thermal engineers demand drip-free solutions to keep the systems they design consistently cool. CPC’s liquid cooling of electronic quick disconnects (QDs) eliminate drips and withstand long-term use for safer, more reliable liquid cooling.

With flexible designs that minimize flow restriction, dry disconnect capabilities that reduce spillage to near zero, resilient leak-free seals, easy disconnections and a variety of available materials, CPC is trusted by manufacturers for couplings in high powered supercomputers, data centers and even medical equipment.

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Founded more than 100 years ago, Humphrey's innovations date back to the commercialization of gaslight products in 1901. Today, Humphrey is recognized as a leading producer of pneumatic products, serving organizations worldwide. Our expertise in a wide range of industries is based on technologies proven in our standard products, enabling us to create truly customized solutions for unique commercial and industrial applications.

New and improved PV3 and PV10 Serieshave been added to Humphrey ProControl™ brand of proportional solenoid valves.  Boasting a new internal design featuring 25% improved peak flow capacity, improved repeatability and reduced hysteresis, PV3 and PV10 replaces previously introduced PC3 and PC10.

The ProControl™ family of proportional valves now serves variable flow application requirements to nearly 500 LPM maximum flow capacity from five models and one model (iDP 390 Series) exclusively designed for flow control hazardous liquids and chemicals.

Humphrey ProControl™ PV10 model, in particular, has been enhanced with dramatically reduced size and cost.

Along with PV introduction, Humphrey has staffed the ProControl™ line with application assistance, specifically to serve design and process engineers with sizing and selection, and even fine tuning proportional valve performance.

Capitalizing on years of experience and market understanding, Humphrey Products announces release of the CSV, Cartridge Style Valve. The 10mm wide C10 pneumatic solenoid valve was thoughtfully designed for use in confined spaces, tailored to your needs as a single valve or as multiple valves in a complex system. Integrate CSV yourself, or let the Humphrey Engineered Solutions Group design a specific manifold package ready for plug and play into your device or equipment.

Controlling compressed air or inert gas has never been so easy. When versatility, size, performance and value are paramount, let Humphrey 10mm CSV work for you.

The iDP Series of aggressive media solenoid valves has expanded.  The diaphragm isolated 390 series 2-port proportional valve delivers a variable output flow of aggressive chemicals and cleaning fluids … from a corresponding variable input current to its solenoid.

Similar to the 350 series ON/OFF direct solenoid valve in flow, size and shape, the 390 is the first of its kind in proportional control. For example, users of the 390 Series may now control liquid chemical flow “rate” under variable pressure conditions, or may vary the chemical dilution when mixing with water.

Available as inline (390 Series) or as manifold (391 Series and to upstream pressure settings of 10, 20 and 40 psig.