Fluid quick disconnectors are critical in liquid cooling applications. Thermal engineers demand drip-free solutions to keep the systems they design consistently cool. CPC’s liquid cooling of electronic quick disconnects (QDs) eliminate drips and withstand long-term use for safer, more reliable liquid cooling.

With flexible designs that minimize flow restriction, dry disconnect capabilities that reduce spillage to near zero, resilient leak-free seals, easy disconnections and a variety of available materials, CPC is trusted by manufacturers for couplings in high powered supercomputers, data centers and even medical equipment.

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Since 1954, Tolomatic has been manufacturing innovative automation components. From gearboxes and brakes to pneumatic actuators and complete electrical linear motion systems, our motion solutions are moving businesses forward.

Excellence in Motion® For over 60 years

Tolomatic's reputation for innovative linear motion products is earned daily through the efforts of our engineering, operation, and sales associates. Over 35% of our business comes from non-cataloged product solutions. In applications ranging from bottle capping, packaging, material handling to robotic resistance spot welding, Tolomatic's products are hard at work.

-Rodless Band Cylinders - MXP, BC2, BC3, LC Series

 =Rodless Cable Cylinders - CC/SA/DP, TC Series

 -Rodless Magnetic Cylinders - MG/MGS Series

 -Rod Cylinder Sliders - PB Series

-Rodless Screw Drive Actuators - MXE, B3S, TKS Series

-Rodless Belt Drive Actuators - MXB, B3W, TKB Series

-Rod Style Screw Drive Actuators - ERD, RSA, RSX, GAS, IMA Series

Pneumatic Caliper Brakes, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Mechanical Brakes, Spring Applied Disc Brakes,Gearboxes, Pneumatic Cone Clutchess, Disc Assemblies

Rod Style Screw Drive Actuators -  SWA/B, GSWA Series

 ServoWeld® Actuators -  RSW Series

Pneumatic Products

Electric Actuators

Pneumatic Products

ServoWeld® Actuators